Your Financial Statements are Cordially Required to Change- Updates to FASB Standards with Katie Zahner

April 25, 2017

Big changes are coming to your financial statement within the next few years, and it's something you need to start preparing for now! 

You'll find Net Asset Classification, Liquidity Disclosures, Expense Reporting, Presentation of Investment Return and Cash Flow Options are all being updated.  And if that didn't sound like English to you, be sure to listen because our guest, Katie Zahner from Brown Smith Wallace breaks it all down.  

If you want to get even more indepth, join Katie for a webair all about it (with pictures!) on Thursday, April 27 at http://bswllc.com/news-events/events/action~agenda/request_format~html/.  

You can connect with Katie on Facebook and LinkedIn or call her at 314-983-1209 or email her at kzahner@bswllc.com

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