Magical Nonprofit Unicorn Vu Le

October 25, 2016

They say never meet your heroes, but we did and we're even more impressed! 

Vu Le is the writer behind Nonprofit with Balls, a nonprofit humor blog taking the sector by storm.  He fights nonprofit inferiority complexes each and everyday as the founder of the Nonprofit Happy Hour and ED Happy Hour Facebook groups. He speaks to and inspires groups nationwide about fakequity, cooperation, and the importance of remembering nonprofits have the most attractive professionals across all sectors.  In his spare time, he runs the organization that he founded, Rainier Valley Corps, which trains emerging leaders of color in the Seattle area.
We sat down with Vu behind the scenes of the Network for Strong Communities' Momentum Conference where we talked about the blog, life in nonprofits, and made Vu pick a side between the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  
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