Dealing with a Difficult Coworker with Pamela King of Our Community Listens

November 7, 2017

A difficult coworker or boss is the main reason people move on from organizations. But there's always that one person that makes our life difficult.  Pam King from Our Community Listens asked, "What if we tried to change the way we deal with people before we change jobs?"

According to Pam, "It starts with the person who wants the change...and that's us!"

That doesn't mean we need to become a doormat for difficult people.  Pamela walks us step by step through how to create transparency, mend relationships, create change, and become more productive.  

Connect with Pam by email at pamela.king@ourcommunitylistens.org or on LinkedIn.  And be sure to check out the nationwide programs Our Community Listens Provides at https://ourcommunitylistens.org/

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