A Life in Development with Scott Lange of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners Live from AFP St. Louis

September 26, 2017

Scott R. Lange has done it all... university and hospital major gifts, capital campaigns, consulting, creating a CRM, and now as CEO and Executive Partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy, and Partners charged with maintain the legacy of the granddaddy of professional fundraising, Jerold Panas.

Marjorie sat down with him at AFP St. Louis's Annual Conference to for a talk as wide ranging as his 30 year career. You'll hear his two biggest fundraising lessons, what AFP means to him, the future of fundraising and his advice to those just coming into the sector.  And Marjorie trips him up with the toughest question of all for consultants. 

You can contact Scott at scottlange@panaslinzy.com. And while you're at it, grab one of the many, many, many genius books for fundraisers produced by Jerold Panas, Linzy, and Partners at http://www.panaslinzy.com/index.php/resources-jpl/bookstore

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