New Year + New Habits = A Healthier You with Dr. Jeannette Freed of Freed Family Fitness

January 2, 2018

Dr. Jeannette Freed was, as she puts it, "Grumpy, frumpy, and dumpy," when she had the mac and cheese moment. As she was eating what she estimates was $.50 worth of left over mac and cheese that her baby didn't want so it wouldn't go to waste, she realized she was treating herself and her body like it was worth less than $.50.  

That's when everything changed started to change, one step at a time.  More water, more sleep, less garbage mac and cheese. 

Today, it's five years later and Dr. Freed is 95 pounds lighter and feeling better about herself and the world around her and she's here to share managable tips to make you feel better so you can make your mission happen more effectively.

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