Emotions Vs. Effective Altruism in Fundraising with Wendy Dyer

June 10, 2016

Wendy Dyer has SIZZLE and has enjoyed helping hundreds of nonprofits over the last 22 years find theirs. She has helped pump millions of dollars into the economy – expanding programs and building schools, health centers and cultural places - bringing opportunity to thousands of people. A frequent presenter and trainer, Wendy encourages agencies to find their “sizzle” and embrace her mantra, “People are giving money away, anyway, might as well be to you.”.  

On today's show, Wendy talks about the art and science of using emotions in fundraising appeals and how the movement of effective altruism might be changing the game.  

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Nonprofitting while Millennial, a Conversation with Liz Smith and Alex Matthews

April 15, 2016

Millennials, you've heard the rumors... too selfish... too many selfies.  Alex Matthews, a nonprofit graphic designer and social media manager, and Liz Smith, a realtor who spends her time serving on boards, stop by to bust the myths and maybe reaffirm the stereotypes you've heard about them. Alex DID take a selfie to post on Twitter while we were recording after all... 

Say hi to Alex on Twitter @mralexmatthews, buy or sell a house with Liz at Remax, or check out the Trivia Night Liz mentioned for St. Vincent's.