Terrific Third Party Events with Maureen Barber Hill

March 1, 2017

What's better than a party in your honor that you don't have to plan? 

Maureen Barber Hill, President and CEO of the ALS Association, St. Louis Region stopped by to talk about how to find great community partners to throw events to benefit your organization.  She shared success stories and ways to avoid pitfalls and gave a few tips about when staff might want to get involved.  

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7 Steps to Fundraising FREEDOM with Mary Valloni

December 27, 2016

Have you ever wanted to run a fundraising event?  Maybe one that raises $500k in it's first year in a small town?  It's not magic, but it does take work and following the 7 Steps. 

Mary Valloni comes back to the show (our first return guest!) to share her secrets and tell us all about her upcoming book, Fundraising Freedom!

Follow Mary on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maryvalloniconsulting and check out her website at http://www.maryvalloni.com/ to keep up and get more tips and ideas about how to make your next fundraiser or campaign success. And of course, the book launches on January 17, but you can pre-order it right now on Amazon or any other fine retailer of books! 


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The Challenges and Benefits to Working in a Small Shop with David Garris

December 7, 2016

Have you ever heard development advice and automatically thought that it didn't work for you because it came from the mouth of someone whose expertise was in big national nonprofits? Then today's show is for you! David Garris, Foundation Director of The St. Elizabeth's Hospital Foundation has worked in nonprofits big and small and shared with us the challenges and all the benefits that come with being a staff of one or two.  

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Making a Case in a Crowded Enviornment with Bret Heinrich

October 18, 2016
A lot of coverage in the media about nonprofits is about just how many organizations are out there vying for the same dollars.  Bret Heinrich, Chief Development Officer at St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors System and Immediate Past President for AFP St. Louis stopped by to give advice on how nonprofits can stand out and raise funds in nearly any circumstances.  

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Throw the Greatest Gala with Jason Frazier

July 8, 2016
Galas are a main stay of any development plan, but we’ve all been to one... or 10 thrown badly. Today, we're looking at the logistics of throwing the perfect party that each one of your guests will rave about for years to come.  
And, sometimes we don’t have to go very far to find our experts, this week, Jason Frazier, Development Director of MindsEye (Marjorie's organization) joined us to give his tips about how to throw a great party.  And he knows his stuff. Prior to his years as an event and development specialist, Jason was an event promoter.  

You can connect with Jason on MindsEye's Facebook or Twitter, or on his LinkedIn.

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Emotions Vs. Effective Altruism in Fundraising with Wendy Dyer

June 10, 2016

Wendy Dyer has SIZZLE and has enjoyed helping hundreds of nonprofits over the last 22 years find theirs. She has helped pump millions of dollars into the economy – expanding programs and building schools, health centers and cultural places - bringing opportunity to thousands of people. A frequent presenter and trainer, Wendy encourages agencies to find their “sizzle” and embrace her mantra, “People are giving money away, anyway, might as well be to you.”.  

On today's show, Wendy talks about the art and science of using emotions in fundraising appeals and how the movement of effective altruism might be changing the game.  

Peter Singer TED Talk

GiveWell's List of Top Charities

Feel Good School of Philanthropy

The Most Good You Can Do

Catch up with Wendy at http://www.wendydyer.com/

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Targeted Marketing to Make Everyone Love You with Katie Mahoney

June 3, 2016

Nonprofits are always being told to segment their lists, spend less, raise more.  Have you ever wondered how?   Katie Mahoney, an Integrated Marketing Consultant and owner of the Mahoney Group, is on the show today- our first Skype interviewee- to talk about how to select your targets out of your database to send less mail and email and raise more dollars.  

You can reach out to Katie to learn more on LinkedIn and on the Mahoney Group website

Some of the articles we talked about were

Nonprofit Golf Tournament Pros with Tom Sipula

May 27, 2016

Planning a golf tournament... STOP! 

Tom Sipula, a golf pro from the St. Clair CountryClub, chats with Natalie about the ins and outs of golf.  They're not just talking pars and strokes and clubs, you'll hear about etiquette for golfers and volunteers and most importantly, how to raise lots of money at your tournament to support your cause.  
You can connect with Tom at tsipula@stclaircc.com and the St. Clair Country Club

The Art of the Ask, Practical Tips for Fundraisers

May 20, 2016

At the time your organization has the potential, you as a fundraiser can be the most vulnerable.  

Marjorie and Natalie wade through the feelings and fears to get to the fun of fundraising!

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Fundraising Freedom with Committees with Mary Valloni

April 22, 2016

Do you struggle with getting your fundraising committees going and keeping them active? Mary Valloni is here to talk to us about the Seven Steps to Fundraising FREEDOM method.  We talk about how to recruit new people to get the right people on the committee, picking the right chairperson, getting them to gel and do life together, and keeping the committee moving towards success!  Together, you'll change the world one volunteer and one dollar at a time!

You can connect with Mary at http://www.maryvalloni.com/ and get her tip of the day at Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maryvalloniconsulting/