The Challenges and Benefits to Working in a Small Shop with David Garris

December 7, 2016

Have you ever heard development advice and automatically thought that it didn't work for you because it came from the mouth of someone whose expertise was in big national nonprofits? Then today's show is for you! David Garris, Foundation Director of The St. Elizabeth's Hospital Foundation has worked in nonprofits big and small and shared with us the challenges and all the benefits that come with being a staff of one or two.  

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Wine on One: Legit Thanks

November 22, 2016

Right before Thanksgiving, Marjorie and Natalie crack open a bottle of wine and talk about something that drives Marjorie completely nuts... requests for donations pretending to be thank you or holiday cards.  Pros and cons, rights and wrongs, we cover them all in the latest Wine on One.  


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Walks, Runs, and All That Jazz with Amanda Kernan

July 22, 2016

Although some experts note that charity run/walk events began back in the 1960s, they really took off in the fitness-focused 1980s and have continued to grow since then.  So today we welcome our guest, Amanda Kernan, who is currently a Community Manager for the Lakeshore Division of the American Cancer Society, where she has served for the past five years in various roles, with nonprofit walking events as her specialty. 

Amanda looks at prepping for a walk as "Not Just a To Do List" and will share her tips and tricks throughout the episode. Be sure to listen to the end for her sure fire insider tip at event volunteer engagement. 

Check out Amanda's next event: Wine Witches & A Walk


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