Terrific Third Party Events with Maureen Barber Hill

March 1, 2017

What's better than a party in your honor that you don't have to plan? 

Maureen Barber Hill, President and CEO of the ALS Association, St. Louis Region stopped by to talk about how to find great community partners to throw events to benefit your organization.  She shared success stories and ways to avoid pitfalls and gave a few tips about when staff might want to get involved.  

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Nonprofit Golf Tournament Pros with Tom Sipula

May 27, 2016

Planning a golf tournament... STOP! 

Tom Sipula, a golf pro from the St. Clair CountryClub, chats with Natalie about the ins and outs of golf.  They're not just talking pars and strokes and clubs, you'll hear about etiquette for golfers and volunteers and most importantly, how to raise lots of money at your tournament to support your cause.  
You can connect with Tom at tsipula@stclaircc.com and the St. Clair Country Club